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Mr. Keedy
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I search for truth, but perhaps more importantly, understanding.

I loathe ignorance, especially when self-inflicted.

I am me.

August 2007
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Mr. Keedy [userpic]

We've got....Collapse )

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

I now officially own a house.

thaaaaaaaaat's scary.

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

We are tentatively closing on the 19th. So, we'll actually be able to paint and move at DIFFERENT TIMES!

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

Assuming the inspection goes well, we bought a house.

Rock on.
Poorhouse, here I come! :)

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

Atheists need a new holiday.

I suggest "Sittin' on the Shitter and Thinkin' " Day.

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

Third "Pirates":

Wasn't expecting much... got a whole lot more awesome than I expected. I'd heard it had been critically poo-pooed, but I really liked it.

Also, Hans Zimmer used some electrical-type gee-tars at one point. And that kicked ass.

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

I watched Eraserhead last night.




Some movies, you watch and go "Huh... I wonder what's going on..." but in a "I'm still interested because the plot has me hooked" way.

And sometimes, you just go, "What the fuck is going on? WHY IS THERE A LADY IN THE RADIATOR THAT SINGS?! AND WHY DID THAT MAN'S SUPPER POOP BLOOD?!"


It wasn't bad by any means; it was an *art* film. for the point of view of art, hey... great! But beyonf that, it's toooo fucked up.

Unless you watch it whilst on drugs. Then it...well... fuck it'd just make me go hide in a corner and cry.

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

Steev's dad totally irradiated my dad today.



Mr. Keedy [userpic]

My dad seems to be on the downturn.

Don't really want to say anything else.

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

I had a dream last night wherein I was in some sort of choir class. Being unable to sing, I stood in the back and lipsynced the random crap that we had to do.

The last song, though, was Rush. Closer to the Heart.

So, that made me smile.

Music: Rush - Closer to the Heart
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