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Mr. Keedy
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I search for truth, but perhaps more importantly, understanding.

I loathe ignorance, especially when self-inflicted.

I am me.

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Mr. Keedy [userpic]

We are tentatively closing on the 19th. So, we'll actually be able to paint and move at DIFFERENT TIMES!


Woohoo! That's always a bonus!!!


Need help moving??

I'll gladly take help moving :) We're gonna be doing that on either the 25th or 26th. So, you guys'll prolly be tied up. But maybe not!

I just want the damn keys!

Um, August? Cuz in July on those dates, it's not the weekend, and that sucks.

Yeah, I think I can untie The Steev long enough to help you move ;)

nope, July. Jill's off every thursday, so we that had to be one of the days.

so that.


Ah, I see. Welp, we'll see what we can do!

oooh.. can you burn the bodies of my enemies?!