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Mr. Keedy
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I search for truth, but perhaps more importantly, understanding.

I loathe ignorance, especially when self-inflicted.

I am me.

August 2007
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Mr. Keedy [userpic]

Today I got spam from Candida Jesus.

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

We're starting to look at houses now.

And by that, I mean Jill is looking, and I'm getting nauseous.

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

So, should I be worried if I heard one person downstairs ask the other person if they're hearing voices or seeing things that aren't there?

Yeaaaaah. I know the older gal down there is off her rocker, but I didn't know she was that far gone.

Mr. Keedy [userpic]


Which, most importantly, means that I got my Event badge.


Mr. Keedy [userpic]

sickness = bad.

salad with croutons = good.

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

"digital alchemy: turning lead to gold with photoshop"

That was the thought that was in my head when I woke up this morning, as I came out of some odd dream.


Mr. Keedy [userpic]

I worked 11.5 hours yesterday! YAY!

(my poor feetses.)

But, I did get home to see Battlestar Galactica, now that I'm all caught up (thanks, demonoid!)

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

Aaron, Eric, Liz, Nathan, Salina, Steev... They are all totally mega hotter in person.

And Satchel too.

Also, Avant's REALLY needs to work on its employees' ability to count and bundle orders.

Mood: sleepy
Mr. Keedy [userpic]

You know, getting two computers to talk to each other in a civilized manner should NOT be that hard.

Also, I'm 26 now.

Social Security, here I come.

Mr. Keedy [userpic]

NBC's "Heroes" is something everyone should be watching.

Thank you, The Pirate Bay, for your wonderful torrent.

The first eleven episodes. Seriously, watch. I've devoured these over the past few days. An "X-men" kinda mutant vibe, except not. This is taken in a much more human direction.

Excellent writing, characters... and lovely art.

Trust me, you'll see.

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